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Transfer-Level Courses for Everyone

You Are Now Eligible for Transfer-Level Math and English Courses

In October 2017, California enacted a new law Assembly Bill 705 (AB 705). All community colleges must maximize the chance that students will complete transfer-level math and English within one year, and transfer-level English as Second Language within three years.

Who is affected?

  • All students will be eligible to enroll in one of several transfer-level math pathway courses.
  • All students will be eligible to enroll in the transfer-level English course, English 1A.

Why are we changing?

  • We know that students are more successful in college when they take fewer low level math and English classes.
  • Reedley College’s number one goal is your success.

What is happening?

  • Reedley College, Madera Community College Center and the Oakhurst Community College Center have redesigned the English and math courses.
  • The Student Learning Centers are expanding tutoring and student support services.

What do students need to do?

  • Schedule an online or in-person appointment to meet with a counselor.
  • Check your Reedley College Email for more details.

We are committed to ensuring you progress quickly and on to your next goal.

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